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Light and airy July 19, 2010

I moved this Thalictrum in the spring and was worried that I’d killed it, but it’s thriving in its new home under the apple tree. (You can just see the apple tree in the background with a clematis climbing up the trunk.)

This year I created a new bed under the apple tree. It’s supposed to be a white bed but, as usual, I couldn’t bear to part with all the existing plants so this Thalictrum (and a second, single-flowered vairety) survived. But pale lilac is almost white, right?!

To be honest, I’m struggling to know what to plant for interest now (July/August). Any suggestions? The soil is quite dry under the tree and I plan to dig in more organic matter this autumn. Even so, it’s always going to be quite dry and very shady towards the back near the fence.

Plants currently looking nice in this bed include acanthus spinosa, symphitum, hellebores, white geranium, nicotiana sylvestris and Japanese anemone. All of these plants are healthy here too. 

Any ideas for summer-flowering white-ish plants that I could include next year? (Please don’t suggest bergenias as I have an irrational hatred of them!)


3 Responses to “Light and airy”

  1. Graham Says:

    Hi Rhiannon,

    I assume you have the pink/lilac Japanese anemone. Have you tried the white variety that is prolific this time of year?


  2. Louise Says:

    A few thoughts following a read of ‘The Garden’ and a wander round Chelsea Physic Garden…Echinacea ‘White Swan’, Ammi majus, Eryngium ‘Miss Wilmot’s Ghost, Gaura lindheimeri (can take some cuttings for you!), Aster umbellatus, Abutilon ‘White King’, Leucojum autumnale. This is so much more fun than working!

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