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Summer squash August 13, 2010

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My summer squashes are growing like mad. I’ve never grown summer squashes before but I like to think of them as weird-shaped courgettes – and that’s how I’ve been cooking them too.

Slice the summer squash and fry the pieces in olive oil until they are just turning golden and starting to soften. Add in some crushed garlic and chilli flakes (1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon, depending on your taste). Cook for a few minutes (being careful not to let the garlic burn), then grate in some lemon zest. Serve with pasta and LOADS of parmesan cheese on the top. This is a very quick supper dish and great for using up gluts of summer squash or courgettes.


3 Responses to “Summer squash”

  1. Diane Says:

    Fab – I’ve been looking for a suitably lovely recipe to cook my first (and I think only) home-grown yellow courgette, and this is it. Great blog – more photos of your garden please!

  2. C&P Says:

    You have just made me so hungry!!!!

  3. Jenny P Says:

    I’m loving your recipe tips for fresh veg. The beetroot one sounds like a winner! Any advice for marrow? We’ve just been given a huge one as a pressie from someone’s allotment. xxx

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