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Frustrated! September 10, 2010

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I haven’t been able to get into my garden very easily for the last few weeks because we’re having an extension built.

This is particularly frustrating because everything is growing like fury!

The veg beds are doing really well. I’m managing to get out after work (when the builders aren’t blocking my exit) and am regularly harvesting runner beans, French beans (not as productive as last year), summer squash, courgettes (green and yellow), cherry tomatoes and masses of Autumn bliss raspberries – delicious!

I’m about to go on holiday so will most likely miss the first red Roma tomatoes (a plum variety) and the first red (massive) chillies.

As for my perennial borders, I’m ashamed to say I’ve let them get away from me now. I failed to keep on top of dead-heading the sweet peas (to encourage the flowers to keep coming) and I really ought to have dead-headed more of the cosmos. Still, from the house  (when gazing over the builder’s rubble) it does look lush and jungly out there.

Worst of all, it’s not going to be possible to plant out any more bulbs this autumn. All the bulb catalogues are going to waste and normally by now I’m making lists of exciting new coloured tulips I want to try.

I’m comforting myself with the fact that once the building work is done (hopefully November time), I can set about planning my new patio and beds near the house…


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