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About my garden July 13, 2010

Incase you were wondering, my plot is probably very ordinary. It’s a suburban garden in the south east, with neighbouring gardens either side and behind it.

It’s about 80 feet long by 30 feet at its widest point, tapering towards the bottom. It faces south west and the soil is mostly chalky, with pockets of clay. Like all good gardeners, I’m trying to improve it with the adidtion of organic matter, but this seems to be a never-ending battle.

I have a couple of hot and sunny areas, but most of the garden is partly shady, with one area of deep, dry shade under a very old apple tree.


3 Responses to “About my garden”

  1. Nicky Says:

    Love the blog, looks great! more pics please of your plants and of your whole garden too. Really interested to see who might add comments!!! LOL n x

  2. Dan Says:

    You should put some more wide aspect pictures of your garden in – not just close-ups of the plant you like. We need to see the overall effect.

  3. fanny Says:

    love it all! and I have some beetroots in my fridge right now so I’ll try your recipe. Looking forward to seeing more pics so I can get inspired x

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