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About me July 12, 2010

Gardening has become a bit of an obsession. Ever since I got my first garden (six or so years ago) I’ve been determined to fill it full of lovely plants – and I can’t stop!


My garden isn’t terribly well designed – but it is full of plants and vegetables. I have a scatter-gun approach to buying plants – I buy things I like and then worry about where I’m going to put them. Occasionally, this approach means that I’ve created some planting combinations that work really well. More often than not, my planting isn’t quite right – but that’s okay because it makes me happy.

A planting combination that works (I think)!

















About my blog

I started this blog as a form of escapism – mostly from my job and as an antidote to the threat of redundancy. I had also talked so much about doing it to family, friends and colleagues that I thought it was about time I put my money where my mouth is and just get on with it.

And this is it! I’ve never written a blog before, and I’ve never shared my thoughts on gardening with anyone other than friends. I’m genuinely interested in knowing what people out there think, so please let me know.


7 Responses to “About me”

  1. Amy Says:

    I’m hoping to learn from you. We have a biggish garden and I have no idea what to do with it. Looking forward to you posts. Amy X

  2. Helen Says:

    You’re an inspiration missus! Looking forward to keeping up on what my garden could be ….

  3. Nicola Humphreys Says:

    hello, only me!! hope you get a chance to get out there again soon when all the building works done!! n x

  4. Joanna David Says:

    RJ I love reading this. Come on, write more!

  5. Jen Says:

    Dear Auntie Rhian,

    My mummy is taking me to the garden centre tomorrow to buy some vegetables and a grow bag so we can start growing some of our own food. We already have a tomato plant and mummy was thinking of perhaps getting pepper, courgette and salad leaves – what would you recommend and are they all okay in one grow bag?

    Love from,

    Max (aged 3 years)

    • Dear Max Sounds like a lovely day out!

      I would recommend a maximum of three plants in your growbag, so maybe another tomato plant and a courgette. Don’t bother with a pepper because unless you have a greenhouse you’ll never get red fruits!

      Tell mummy she could buy a second growbag and empty the compost into a big tub or two if it’s easier to grow things that way (also a bit prettier than growbag on the decking!) plus it means you can stake the tomato easier.

      Salad will grow in poorer soil so you could use any multi purpose compost and a tub for that.

      Don’t forget to start feeding tomatoes and courgettes once the flowers come and you spot tiny fruit developing (use Tomorite or similar).

      Have fun! Xxx

      Sent from my iPhone

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